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Meet the Staff

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Reach your highest potential physically and in your favorite sport. The professionals at North Florida Gymnastics will customize a program just for you. Our certified staff bring a wide range of expertise to their training and fitness commitments, helping make ours a world class Gymnastics Center. Get started with one of our experts today!


Mary Purvis

Founder and Owner

After many years of training, I earned a collegiate scholarship for gymnastics. I was the New York State vaulting champion as a level 10 gymnast. In college I was the uneven bar champion at the University of Clarion in Pennsylvania where I earned a degree in communications. Five years following my graduation I founded North Florida Gymnastics in 1990. I have since had 2 gymnast invited to train at the Olympic training center in Colorado and 2 gymnast that invented 3 skills that were inducted into the Code of Points which is used throughout the world. I have also had 12 collegiate athletes who trained under my direction and earned scholarships to compete at the collegiate level. I feel my greatest accomplishment was and still is offering gymnastics lessons to the thousands of children in the North Florida area and watching them grow up and learn the many benefits of gymnastics; learning how to overcome and face challenges, self discipline, perseverance, determination, strength and flexibility. I am blessed to have such wonderful staff who truly love their jobs, teaching/coaching our students. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children of my own and am thankful for you all sharing your children with us, here at North Florida.


Renee Knight

Head Coach and Program Director

I have been a gymnastics coach for 10 years. I started my career at NFGC at the age of 3 and continued on to be on our competitive team. I was coached under the current owner, Mary Purvis, and reached level 9 in my gymnastics career.  I have studied under several head/elite coaches that has helped mold me into the coach I am today. I enjoy coaching our optional team and level 5 gymnasts as well as our advanced tumbling classes. I love the responsibility of helping develop children into successful adults.


Christine Knight

Office Staff

NFGC has been a part of my life for the last 19 years. I first came here in 2004 when my daughter was four years old. She participated in the preschool and recreational programs until she joined the competitive team. In 2012 I began working in the office and can honestly say I have loved it. I love working with our parents and seeing all the beautiful faces of the children in our program. Having also been a rec./team parent myself, I love sharing my experience and knowledge with all our gymnasts and their families. NFGC is a wonderful place to work, I cannot imagine being anywhere else!


Morgan Dedmon

Office Staff

For the past 12 years, on and off, I have been working at North Florida Gymnastics. No matter how many times you leave whether it's because you moved, got a career changing job, had a baby or anything else it may be, you always come back to working at NFG. I've coached preschoolers, our recreational gymnasts, and boys, but now you'll find me in the office!


Ali White

Team/Advanced Recreational Coach

I have been a coach at North Florida for several years and have loved every minute of it. I am the xcel silver and gold coach for our team program. I am currently training with our upper level coaches so I can further grow my knowledge in gymnastics.

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Leah Jameson

Team Coach

Coming Soon!


Halle Balassaitis

Recreational/Tumbling/Team Coach

Hi there, my name is Halle! I have been part of the NFG family since 2022. I have an extensive background in both competitive gymnastics and dance. I began co-teaching acro dance at 12 years old and co-taught various styles of dance until becoming a gymnastics coach at 15. I look forward to many more years here at NFG and I hope I get the chance to share my love of gymnastics with all my gymnasts!

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Emily McG

Preschool/Recreational Coach

Hey ya'll! I'm Emily and here are a few fun facts about me:
- I'm from Alabama
- I've coached gymnastics for over 20 years (you may have even seen me here at NFGC previously!) at various gyms and under several great coaches
- I am qualified to coach many levels and competitive team gymnastics as well
- I am USAG, Safesport, 1st Aide & Safety trained and certified
- I studied childhood development & developmental psychology
- I am part of the positive coaching alliance

Kylie K.jpg

Kylie Knight

Preschool/Recreational Coach

Gymnastics has always been a huge part of my life. I started gymnastics here when I was three years old and competed on the team for several years. Preschool is my specialty and I love working with the babies teaching them how to listen, basics, and fundamentals of gymnastics.


Emma Kelley

Preschool/Recreational/Tumbling Coach

North Florida is my home away from home. I coach Monday through Saturday and love every minute. My favorite classes to teach are level 3 advanced, but I also love coaching preschool from time to time. I love building a relationship with my kids of all ages and also seeing the love of gymnastics grow in every kid I coach.


Brooke Martorano

Parent-n-Tot/ Preschool/Recreational/Tumbling Coach

Hi, I am Coach Brooke! I was in gymnastics for 3 years and have been coaching for over 10 years total! I am a mom to my 5 year old son, Johnny. My favorite gymnastics event is beam.


Danielle Strella

Parent-n-Tot/Preschool/Boys Coach

NFGC is my home away from home. I have three daughters who are on the competitive team here! I was a cheerleader my entire life and love children as I have 4 of my own. I plan on furthering my knowledge as gymnastics coach and cannot wait to see what my future holds!


Ari Porter

Preschool/Recreational/Advanced Coach

I'm excited to continue my journey with the sport that I love, and see it from a different angle! I started gymnastics at the age of three and fell in love. I then went on to compete for a couple of seasons. Unfortunately, my time was cut short due to an injury, but that didn't keep me away from long! I recently started coaching and have been loving every minute of it and I am excited to see how far the sport takes me!


Kamryn Humbles

Preschool/Recreational/Tumbling Coach

I was a competitive gymnast from three years and have a true love for the sport. I am currently coaching all different age groups and levels and love all my students! I am a Junior at Oakleaf High School and am in honors classes.


Kayla Gregory

Preschool/Recreational Coach

My name is Kayla! I work as a recreational and preschool gymnastics coach on Saturdays. I adore children and wish to see them grow to love gymnastics and be the best gymnasts they can possibly be. I always try to be as loving and understanding as possible with all my kids and yet push them to accomplish their goals and dreams. When I am not working, I try to go out with family or friends as long as I'm not too tired! :D

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Ashlyn McCann

Preschool/Recreational/Advanced Coach

Hi! I'm Coach Ash. I did gymnastics for 10 years and it truly was the light of my life. Once I decided my time was done I immediately wanted to start coaching. I love being able to pass on the knowledge that I've learned over my gymnastics career, as well as see my little gymnasts improve.


Ciera Neal

Preschool/Recreational Coach

Hello, my name is Ciera and I go by CC! I have been doing gymnastics here since I was 4 years old. I started coaching the past few years and I love it. I am very good with children, and have 3 siblings of my own. I love teaching kids new things!

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Elle Foreman

Preschool/Recreational Coach

Hi, my name is Elle! I have been doing gymnastics since I was a baby and I love it. I'm a gymnast at NFG as well as a coach for our recreational and preschool children.

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Nick Bullard

Boy's Coach

My name is Nick! I competed on competitive gymnastics for around 6 years and I'm very interested in physical fitness. I am also an avid skateboarder who occasionally competes in local competitions.

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Matt Lovejoy

Boy/Recreational/Tumbling Coach

Coming Soon!

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